Down and Dirty Love


21 thoughts on “Down and Dirty Love

      • I’m an artist and I have an open mind, that’s all, but my interests don’t stop there… I’m interested in so many things 24 hrs are not enough in a day 🙂

      • I see….I am not interested in many things. I Love what I Love and try to perfect what I Love. My mind is open because one of the things I Love is making the people around me happy and that means going out of my comfort zone from time to time but the smiles and joy is worth it. But I am a very simple man…. study me and you will understand me for a lifetime. No more no less

      • I think I have a good idea of who you are through out conversations. You’re kind hearted and you live for what you believe in, you like comfort of the home and you’re waiting for the right person to share that home and Love with!

      • Yes yes, you’re on point about that….I will add that I embrace people’s strength but will never accept them being weak when they can be strong.

        In speaking with you….I can tell you are private, always searching for inspiration, you have trust issues because it’s hard for you to see the future without the past, you believe everyone is entitled to their own opinions. You want the kind of Love you can believe in but find it hard to allow people close enough for you to believe in them. You’re guarded, but want to be rescued. You have a lot of conflicting emotions which allow you to be so artistic….

    • I’ve never seen this question either, but I realize i’m not following your blog, I thought I was…

      First song I’ve ever heard by Arrested Development was Tennessee which was popular in European clubs at that time in the 90’s, back in the time when I used to go to the clubs 🙂 Ever since, I like them, but I like a lot of different kind of music, I like blues a lot B B King and John Lee Hooker, then I like old school like Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Maze, Otis Reddding and such, but I also like The Fugees and also some classical music, r & b, some pop, rock, 90’s, 80’s… mostly everything except country

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